Sunday, May 11, 2008

Rocking the Roxy and the crown screams BMG Boy!

What a weekend. I was kicking it with Slick Rick, got to make great business connections, and see all the hard work my team puts in come to life. Let me tell you about the show at the historic Roxy in Hollywood.

Man, have you ever had a feeling like this. We (Big Vee, and myself) were backstage setting up, and waiting for the black curtain to go up. You can hear the crowd faintly over the DJ mixing, but you can tell that something was just different about this show. I try to shake the feeling off, and keep preping; Big Vee grabs his mic, and makes his spot on the stage for opening, I have the product ready, mic check, DJ booth with the show CD ready, ya know. I take the time to look up at the sky, and ask God for a great show, and the strength to give the people something to talk about.

The Roxy announcer send the signal, and the curtain goes up. The music starts, the crowd rushes the stage, and the magic begins. Big Vee and I start with the heat, and the people react. The Cali Crunk Movement was in full swing.
We just drop banger, after banger, we start throwing BMG tshirts into the crowd, and people swarm. I start giving CD's out, and people can't get enough.

During my set, Big Vee was rushed for the CD's, as I sang "The Elevators Waiting" one female fan took my sweat rag, and put it in her shirt - (the ladies loved that track), but what really surprised me was seeing people actually dance during the show that had never heard the music. This only made me really put the energy out, and the crow responded by singing our hooks.
By "Ballin Off the Wall" people were so juiced, everyone was singing and dancing, and just feeling the music - The crowd singing "We Ballin Off the Wall like this!!!!!!" with us.

I don't know if you know the feeling of singing your music, and a packed house singing with you. As we finished our set out, the crowd just got more amped. This was a special night for the BMG family.

After our set, we were rushed for autographs, more CD's, and tshirts.

We were taking photo after photo, and we signed everything :0), and EVERYONE LOVED IT.

You can see allot of this in the pictures, but the magic is being in the crowd to experience Cali Crunk in person. I'm still buzzing from the excitement. All I can say is wait till the next show.

BMG Boy!!!!!!!