Monday, September 21, 2009

Change is the only constant - 2010 is the year of change!

Hello Everyone,

I know its been a few since my last blog. I'm really sorry everyone but I've been going through a lot of the subject of this blog - Change. Over the past 6 months a lot has changed from the entertainment industry as a whole to relationships in my life.

Many times we often look into the mirror and wonder what would things be like if we had what we wanted. Everyone want's "That Change" to happen so the can bask in the glory and sunshine of "That Change" in their life. One of the issues with "That Chane" is that its fleeting. "That Change" is hard to obtain on a consistent basis.

Why, the answer is simple. "That Change" is something that is is undefined. Its when you define a change and make that definition the meaning of your life that you are allowed to see freely and obtain the change you were looking for.

Change is the only thing that is always happening, always moving never taking a day off. No wonder so much change has caught up to me. I've been fighting a river of change not completely understanding why I felt so lost in deep turbulent waters. Was it something I was doing or not doing? Was it internal desires blocking my blessings or was it that I wasn't taking stock of my changes?

Perhaps the best way to understand the changes in our life is not to over analyze them but to let them happen and review them in the stages they are presented in. Its like looking back on your life and saying "Man I wish I would have eaten that cookie." How can you truly know how great or poor that cookie tasted? You can't but you can prepare to taste more cookies and prep for that day. How well its easy, live your life like your going to eat the cookie at any moment. This will force you to prepare to eat the cookie when it presents its self - get a napkin, have a glass of milk ready, exercise so that eating that cookie won't make you feel guilty, etc...

In 2010 its all about how you prepare to eat the cookie. DON'T STRESS ON HOW THE COOKIE WILL TASTE, just enjoy the moment of the crunch. Don't worry about the crumbs or if chocolate is stuck to your face. Just focus on the task at hand and live that moment forever in your mind. Now as the cookie begins to breakdown in your mouth savor the taste and the feeling. Bottle that up in your mind and store it for later.

And when the cookie crumbles all over your shirt, just whips it off and open that first cookie bite experience you bottled up in your mind. Use that to motivate you and strive to take advantage of new cookies as they are delivered in your life.

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