Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Success means doing what it takes to Win, and Win in Life!

Hello Everyone,

I hope your days are going as well as mine. No joke, I now know the meaning of the work "DESIRE" - We all want the basic stuff: Money, Power and Respect, but we don't all have what it takes to take the ball over the goal line. Alot of people have been watching me and my business grow in the music industry, starting from a dream and a few bucks to doing concerts across the US. Now the label is a business, growing and working with industry leaders. I can only say these blessings have come from my desire to be the best and Win in Life.

These are all good, but my desire is to be the best. My desire to be the best is not all money, power and respect, but its also having a hold of your innerself. Knowing when to take a chance, knowing when to sit back and shut up, and just knowing when to be in the right place at the right time; these are all things that I have learned to let into my life, and now with these lessons, and the tools that I have earned, their is no way I can lose....It's not even a option.

So enjoy the ride of life, and let me know how your feeling.

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