Thursday, February 21, 2008

Testing my faith in good people............

Hey Yall,

Have you ever just stepped out on faith? I mean really just put your soul in the air? I like many people used to live by my mouth, but when I shed that skin, something amazing happened. I changed, and change is subtle, yet the most powerful thing in the universe; the most constant. No yall, I'm not on some high shit, just ride with me for a second.

A few years ago, I wished for allot of things - cars, money, a path to success, the all mighty dream of change was what I was looking for, but not to simply dream but to have actions that are based in reality. This is the power of dreaming, and human potential = creating great things from the simple dreams or desires of a man (or woman).

So this is the current state of me, and my reality. Constant change, growth, risk, and the dream becoming a reality (that's my reward.) As my man says, if it don't make money, it don't make since. It's not so much the money, look past that. Its the delivery of a eventually. That's the money; real money is just a tool to speed up any eventuality.

I am living the dream, working to live a dream in reality one day at a time.

See ya in a sec.

Bazialini aka Bombay

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